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Country of Origin: It is believed that Chihuahua originated in the area of Mexico in the 9th century A.D. from a breed know then as a Techichi. These dogs played a major role in the religious practices of the Aztecs, and were considered as guides of the human soul in death. Some researchers believe that the Techichi goes as far back as the 5th century A.D. Techichis were a small long hair dog, and it is believed that the present day Chihuahua is a cross between the Techichi and a smaller hairless dog originally from Asia.
Height: The dog should be a little longer than it is tall when measuring from the withers to the buttocks and from the withers to the ground. Generally less than 8 inches tall.
Weight: Not to exceed 6 lbs.

Chihuahuas come in all colors. The Chihuahua’s nose should be self colored in blond, black, moles, blues, and chocolates. A nose may stay pink in a blond dog. Eye color is most often dark, but can stay blue in blond or white dogs.

Coat: Chihuahuas come in short hair and long hair varieties. Long hairs should not appear bald, but can have a thin or thick coat.
Head: Heads come in two varieties, a dear head and an apple head. Dear heads are Chihuahuas with the longer nose and less round skulls. The dear head is not recognized as part of the AKC standard. Apple heads are Chihuahuas with a dome shape very rounded skull. This often leads to a gap in the bones of the skull at the top of the head, called a molera. Molera are acceptable as part of the breed standard, but care should be taken to protect Chihuahuas who have this.
Character: Chihuahuas are devoted dogs, adapting well to both households full of people or with only one owner. They will pick a favorite person for the most time, but are accepting of all. Most Chihuahuas sleep in bed with their owners, and they like to do so under the covers. They are not very investigative dogs, preferring to live in a world that they are accustomed to. Being so small, they are sometimes easily scared and precaution should be taken to protect your puppy.

Chihuahuas are known for their barking and skittish temperament. I do not believe that this is a true temperament, as there are many dogs that do not possess these qualities. As with all dogs, it is important to socialize your puppy and be clear about what behavior is acceptable and what is not. Some Chihuahua are high strung and like to run around the house at top speed when you arrive home, while others are calm and simple want to sit with you. If purchasing a puppy tell the breeder what type of temperament you are looking for, and a good breeder will be able to match a puppy with your request.

Care: Chihuahuas are relatively easy to care for and are ideal for any type of household. They will do just as well in a large house as they will in an apartment. As with all animals they need to go outside, be fed well, and have water all the time. Long hair Chihuahuas occasionally need to be groomed to prevent matting as skin diseases can result from poor care of coat, and shorthairs will need the occasional bath.
Training: Chihuahua are able to be trained as much as any other dog. Potty training can sometimes take longer in smaller bread dogs, but it is able to be accomplished. Chihuahuas will also train for agility and other obedience behaviors.
Activity: Chihuahuas are happy to sit in your lap all day to be petted, but they do enjoy an occasional run around the house or yard.

Most noted for being a large dog stuck in a little body, a Chihuahua is the best of both worlds. They are chipper little dogs who make the perfect dedicated pet.

  By Stacey Groft

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