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Great Dane

Country of Origin: Germany
Height: Varies from 28-38 inches @ the front shoulder
Weight: 110 - 200 lbs

AKC recognized colors include fawn, blue, black, brindle & harlequin. There are also merles, mantles, fawnequin, etc. which are not recognized by the AKC.

Coat: Short & smooth

Get along very well with children, other dogs (especially if they are raised together), and most any type of family pet.  Do not relate to strangers well, but welcome anyone who is a friend of their owner.

Care: Need proper nutrition (especially when young), plenty of exercise and plenty of attention from their owners.  They do not shed much, but when they do, an occasional brushing with a rubber brush is very much welcomed!
Training: Very important for this breed as they grow to be so large!  They should be leash trained and obedience trained (at the very least: sit, stay, heel, down, no, etc)
Activity: These dogs love to run and play as much as possible.  However, do not let them exercise for at least one hour prior to and one hour after meals, as this may cause bloat in this breed.

Although this breed may vary in height, weight, and color, there is one thing that they all have in common...They are all truly "Gentle Giants" as long as they are loved and cared for properly.

  By Dawn Stevens



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