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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Country of Origin: Switzerland
Height: Male – 25.5” – 28.5”

Female – 23.5” – 27”

Weight: Male – 110 – 130lbs

Female – 90 – 115lbs


Black, White and Tan

Coat: Topcoat is dense, approximately 1-1/4 to 2 inches in length. Undercoat must be present and may be thick and sometimes showing, almost always present at neck but may be present throughout. Color of undercoat ranges from the preferred dark gray to light gray to tawny. Total absence of undercoat is undesirable and should be penalized.
Character: Goofy, easily trainable dog that strives to please its people. Swissy’s are a dog that always follows their people around the house… just to make sure everything is okay. They can be too dominant if are not at the bottom of the pack.

Bold, faithful, willing worker. Alert and vigilant. Shyness or aggressiveness shall be severely penalized

Care: Weekly brushing, Daily interaction and training.
Training: Swissy’s are generally easy to train. They tend to learn new things quickly. They are however very slow to housetrain which should be a huge factor in deciding if the Swissy is right for you.
Activity: Swissy’s need a ‘job’ to do. They are a working breed and as such, need to be involved in a regular activity. Swissy’s can be trained and can excel in Obedience, Carting, Agility, Water Rescue, Weight Pulling, Herding, etc.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a Draft and Drover breed and should structurally appear as such. It is a striking, tri-colored, large, powerful, confident dog of sturdy appearance. It is a heavy boned and well muscled dog which, in spite of its size and weight, is agile enough to perform the all-purpose farm duties of the mountainous regions of its origin.

  By Brian & Sera Fradgley

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