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Thai Ridgeback Dog

Country of Origin: Thailand
Height: 22-24 inches males; 20-22 inches females

40-60 lbs

Color: Solid black, blue, red and fawn, reds allowed to have a red mask
Coat: Very short and dense with a distinctive line of hair that grows in the OPPOSITE direction from the rest of the coat along the backbone, do not tolerate cold weather well               
Character: A primitive breed and used for centuries as a hunter, a guard dog and a companion. They were often expected to provide for themselves and hunt on their own for food, which has given them strong survival instincts and a very high level of intelligence and drive.

A gentle charming but indomitable and independent pet dog. The breed is well known for being a one man type of dog and it is very devoted to his family, but its strong loyalty embraces all people that are well known. Their attitude towards strangers can range from shy to aloof to very sociable. A good temperament is always alert but also sensible and steady; the breed can also combine in a charming way, a curious attitude with a large portion of self-esteem. Tend to be dog aggressive.

Care: Low maintenance
Training: Requires a lot of socialization as puppies and throughout their lives, easy to train, requires fast paced training as they bore easily.

Not hyper.  They are alert and aware of their surroundings, and love the thrill of the chase. They are quick, agile and possess great jumping abilities. They excel at hunting and obedience and are the masters of agility.


Graceful and elegant - The Thai Ridgeback is the Royal Dog of Thailand and is known for their remarkable characteristics, high set ears, a straight top line with a distinctive line of hair that grows in the OPPOSITE direction from the rest of the coat along the backbone (ridge), straight tail and a solid blue-black or spotted tongue that looks "dirty" making them look both elegant and fierce simultaneously. The breed is robust yet lightly built and is used for two purposes, as a guard dog and as a hunting dog. It should be a strong, athletic and alert dog, which is suitable for activities and endurance. They are a medium sized canine, with males being slightly larger than the females. The body gives an impression of power, with the back being moderately long and slightly arched over the loin. The chest is deep and the loins wide and muscular. Stifles are only moderately angulated, but the dog must have a good tuck-up of abdomen. These dogs have a very strong wedge-shaped head, almond shaped eyes, and medium sized prick ears.

  By Mary Ann Nemisz





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