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Umpqua Valley Kennels LLC


Mary Kasser


Drain, Oregon







We raise family-friendly French and offer French Bulldog puppy/dog ownership education and lifestyle assistance to families ( even if you did not purchase from us!).

We welcome visitors 7 days a week, by appointment, from 10am to 3pm.
We are available by phone 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm (Pacific coast time).

Our French Bulldog puppies are given a wonderful start in life that provides them with the love, socialization and training they need to become ideal pets.

We also believe that nutrition is an essential component of raising healthy, well-mannered French Bulldog. For this reason, all of our French Bulldog puppies and dogs are fed food and supplements that are free of wheat, corn and gluten's and are optimized for canine nutrition.

Furthermore, all French Bulldogs  under our care receive regular exercise, play, and affection.

Do Your Homework!
We are more than happy to provide references - in fact we insist.
Our references include not only folks that have purchased French Bulldog puppies from us, but also our Veterinary and County Licensing info.  Checking references is an important part of your homework on any breeder you are considering purchasing from! We invite you to check out the rest of our website and see for yourself how beautiful, healthy and happy our French Bulldog puppies are!

Among our pages, you will find a virtual tour of our clean, spacious and well-kept kennel and state of the art nursery. We have also added for 2013 - TWO 24/7 LIVE PUPPY CAMS! Now when you place a deposit on a new French Bulldog baby, you can log in and see how they are being cared for in real time!

After you've looked over our website, give us a call and let us help you with your quest to find the perfect French Bulldog companion.

Thank you,
Vic and Mary Kasser

We are located in Drain, Oregon.

We are Easily reached on the I-5 freeway corridor from anywhere on the west coast:

Oregon : Portland, Salem, Eugene, Bend, Medford, Grants Pass, Roseburg, Springfield

Washington : Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Tri-cities, Spokane

California : Redding, San Francisco, Sacramento


* 1 year health guarantee/sales contract, this also includes a 15 day guarantee from the date of purchase against diseases including but not limited to Parvo, Distemper, etc… 
* Up to date 5 way vaccinations and wormings for ALL common parasites.
* Written health record and outline of projected dates for next treatments needed  
* AKC Purebred registration 
* Litter box training started 
* Puppy starter kit – Complete new puppy instructions, we even have FREE E books on puppy care, housetraining, obedience training and MORE for you!
* Puppy gift bag with a soft Blanket, toys, nutrient paste and a supply of current food being fed - (Diamond Pet Brand, No corn, wheat or glutens!) 
* Mom and Dad are on site. All our Moms and Dads are spayed/neutered and placed in appropriate loving homes before age 6.
* When you visit us you are given full access to all the areas where we raise our puppies and care for our moms and dads! 
* 24/7 help and support for the life of the puppy/dog!
* We do not require you to take the puppy to the vet within a limited amount of time after purchase, other breeders do this so they can void your contract coverage if you do not follow thru.

We hope you take the time to visit us, and see that we set the standards for other breeders to compare to! 

PLEASE - Do not buy from puppy mills! Insist on seeing ALL areas where the breeder cares for their dogs and puppies, to see with your own eyes is the only way to be sure. If you are not aware of what a puppy mill is, please visit our website, I have posted a page with educational material for you to read, there are videos also! You are always welcome to call me on my cell too, or drop me an email!

We even have a slideshow tour presentation of our farm on the "about us" page!


1. Never inbreed ( Line Breed ) our dogs or use dogs for breeding that have been inbred by others. 

2. Never to sell to pet stores or brokers, always to establish and maintain excellent relationships with new puppy owners for the life of the dog. 

3. Do what is best for the health, wellbeing and quality of life of our breeding dogs and puppies. Placing a priority on providing a safe, healthy, clean and sanitary living environment. 

4. To be forthright, honest and sincere when answering questions about who we are and the qualities of our puppies. 

5. Never to enter into legal agreements with anyone for any reason if they are not legally able to do so. 

6. To always remember and emphasize that everything we do is for the benefit of our dogs and puppies, so as to fully respect and acknowledge the serious responsibility it is to have them in our care and produce the highest quality pets possible. 

7. Never euthanize our retired moms and dads, with 100% successful placement at retirement into private pet homes not to be used for further breeding. 


What we are looking for when considering a new home/family for one of our puppies: 

1. Maturity - You must be over 18 or a legal representative for the intended owner to purchase a puppy AND be of reasonable intelligence. 

2. You must be able to demonstrate that you are secure financially, mentally and emotionally to purchase a pup and provide for the lifetime needs ( 15 to 20 years) so as to maintain an excellent quality of life for the dog. 

3. You must be able to commit to ALWAYS providing a safe and nurturing environment for the dog regardless of whether it be in a social setting, at home or while traveling. 

4. You must be dedicated to following ALL instructions from us as to the care your new puppy will need as he/she joins your family. 

5. We must feel that you are being honest about your reasons for wanting a particular puppy and the lifestyle you intend to provide for him/her. 

6. We advocate spay and neuter operations and hope you do too, as a way to provide a healthier, happier life for your pet and help curb needless pet overpopulation problems.





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