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Miniature Australian Labradoodle

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Arrowhead Labradoodles


Luke and Connie Erb


Ontario, Canada








We here at Arrowhead Labradoodles are dedicated to breeding top quality American and Australian Labradoodles. It is our highest priority to provide healthy Labradoodle puppies with friendly personalities, we are also dedicated to following the breed standard of excellent conformation and beautiful fleece coats. Arrowhead Labradoodles specializes in breeding the Miniature and Medium Labradoodles; of Australian and American lines. The perfect small dog is a Miniature Labradoodle; only 20-30lbs full grown. The Miniature Labradoodle is low too non-shedding. A Labradoodle coat is hair, fleece, or wool, and the Labradoodle with a hair coat sheds more than the Labradoodle with the fleece or wool coat. A Labradoodle is available in a wide variety of colours Black, Red, Parti, White, Apricot, Sable, Parchment, Chalk, Cafe au Laite, Blue, Chocolate, Cream, Gold, Carmel, Phantom, Silver, and Lavender, making your Miniature Labradoodle unique and extra special. We would enjoy introducing you to the newest member of your family!



Canadoodle Australian Labradoodles


Karen McKay


Grand Forks, British Columbia








Happy, comical, loyal, intelligent, quiet, gentle and kind and oh so cuddly.


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