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JAACE'S Animal Companions


Jeanine O'Brien


Elkhorn, Wisconsin





JAACE’S Animal Companions is proud to be a breeder of the Native American Indian Dog. The heritage of America is intertwined with this awesome, unique breed of dog. This breed was more than just a companion, but an integral part of family life. They had responsibilities such as helping to hunt, fish, pulling travois across thousands of miles, protecting, babysitting the elderly and young. The NAID has no known health problems, and can live to be 14 to 19 yrs. of age. They can be found in a wide range of colors, two different hair coat lengths, and are considered to be Hypoallergenic. If you have pet allergies or asthma this breed may work well for you. It has for our family. The NAID is a very versatile breed, and many have been trained for S&R, assisting those with physical disabilities, therapy, agility, and weight/draught pull competitions. They also make excellent hunting dogs and your all-around best friend. The Native American Indian Dog (R) should not be confused with the American Indian dog (a mixture of dingo, coyote and Australian Kelpie), the American village dog, Alaskan native dog, or any other hybrid combination.